6 Tips for Finding Cheap and Best Hotels Near Me

Finding cheap hotel, everytime.
Finding cheap hotel, everytime.

Hello travelers! Before making any traveling plan we often ask this question to ourselves – Is there any cheap hotel near me? Are the prices affordable? Can I find the best hotel near me with cheap prices?

For many people, choosing a hotel is simply part of preparing for a trip, it’s a decision like any other, just like buying a plane or train ticket! After all, what matters is what you do in the city you visit, right?

In reality, not quite! A good accommodation can make your trip even more enjoyable … and a bad experience can ruin your stay. This is worth asking the question: how to choose a cheap hotel near me with high-class facilities?

Here are some of the recommendations by us:

1 – Compare prices

Do not rush to the first hotel that appears at the top of a randomly selected hotel booking list, but take the time to look for the best hotel for our needs. Hotel comparators are convenient to quickly find the best deal!

2 – Read the reviews of previous guests who have stayed at this accommodation

Inquiring as much as possible about the hotel is an essential step before booking a night. The opinions of the previous guests can provide valuable information. Depending on the quality of the hotel that you are looking for, for example you may search on Google regarding 4 star hotels near me or best hotels near me; and look at the pictures galleries to get an idea of ​​places. For us we prefer to look at the photos posted by travelers which are unedited photos provided by the hotel.

A few tips:

Check out reviews on multiple sites: It allows crossing the information to identify the good plans … and the bad tracks! Similarly, in the case where there is “false opinion” (people paid to write positive reviews); looking at several sites can give you more reliable idea of ​​the quality of service.

Compare what is comparable: A leisure traveler, for example, does not necessarily have the same needs and expectations as a business traveler.

Read the negative reviews: Unbiased review is very valuable to the other travellers, and you may sort based on the review rating! However also bear in mind that there might be people who will complain about things that do not actually bother you personally (example like “the crib was not good quality” => if you travel without children, it is not really a problem for you!)… But by reading the criticisms, we can often identify problems: A bad smell in the establishment for example. So take these as references and make your own final decision!

Limit yourself to recent criticisms (those of last year for example): a hotel may have “started badly” and have been completely renovated since, have changed ownership or corrected some problems; conversely, the service may have deteriorated over time and a review that is a few years old does not always reflect reality.

3 – Make your reservation at the right time

Should we book a hotel night in advance or is it better to choose a hotel on the spot? Personally, I prefer to anticipate – I always reserve a few days or weeks before my departure on vacation. If you leave during the high tourist season, do not take the risk of finding yourself without accommodation once you are there; validate your hotel night in advance.

And even if you travel out of the high season, it is still better to book in advance, as it will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises (more rooms available, the price is not clearly displayed in the hotel, you went to the most expensive hotel in the city without knowing it…and etc.).

And how long to book a hotel room before departure is advisable?

I think it’s best to book your hotel as soon as possible. Indeed, if we look at the offers a few months before departure, all hotels still have rooms available and this allows to enjoy a maximum of choice, and therefore the hotels that offer the best value for money will be selected. If you leave during the high season in a tourist area, no need to hope for last-minute promotions … anticipate!

4 – Move slightly away from the tourist area where you wish to stay or avoid traveling during high season

This is a very interesting little tip if you do not want to be housed in the city center. Finding a good hotel in the suburbs can benefit from more interesting prices and discover an area of ​​interest that you may not have had the opportunity to discover. Make sure that the location of this hotel is not a brake on your trip (area poorly served by public transport…).

And if not, it is advisable to travel outside the peak tourist season: The rates of the hotel rooms could possibly go much cheaper!

5 – Subscribe to hotel group newsletters

Hotels whether or not they belong to a hotel group, offer more and more newsletters to retain their customers and attract newcomers to their website. Do not hesitate to subscribe and enjoy the bargains they offer: Special offers like “two nights for the price of one”, discounts, promotional offers, etc.

6 – Traveling with friends or family

Why travel in groups of four to ten? The answer is simple: There are many rural houses and apartments with fantastic prices, much better than if you are traveling alone. The rural lodgings for groups of friends allow considerable savings, because the prices are not higher than 20 euros per night.

If you travel alone, find other singles to enjoy double rooms in hotels. This trend appeared for the first time in cruises, and spread through social networks.


What if you find out that the hotel condition or services are not up to your expectation?

Reflect the matters to the hotel’s front desk, and chances are they will be more than willing to assist you on the issue, for instance changing a new room for you if you are unfortunate to stay beside a noisy room, or changing a new bed sheet in your room (if there is bed bugs, opps).

You may use our online hotel comparison tool to find and compare hotels across various countries at once. Our website powerful filtering option will allow you to find the hotel that best suits your trip, and after comparison is done you will be led to checkout and make payment at the respective, well-renown website like Booking.com, Agoda and etc. Our tool is just for comparison for your convenience and we don’t take your payment.

Happy travelling!

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